Sound Check - The first of many interviews with Kassi. Here Kassi picked up a pamphlet and started reading.

On The Streets Part 1 - Kassi talks about the need for drugs, crack and heroine, just so she can get in a car while prostituting.

On The Streets Part 2 - Kassi talks about men risking it all for oral sex.  

I'm A Delusion - After her smoke break we started the interview up again. She starts talking about her drug use starting up again while living in Hawaii.

My Life Is A Death - Innocent but guilty. Kassi talks about her regrets, her deepest hurt and love.

Foster Care - Kassi discusses foster care, a suicide attempt and sexual abuse by a foster dad.

I Remember When - Kassi talks about the lost love for her dad and how it hurt her.

Coffee Cup - I spill my coffee and was cleaning it up to Kassi's amusement.

Abuse In The Snow - She started the camera and gave an impromptu story about her past getting the hurt out and getting something off her chest.