About The Book

Love Me, Cover Illustration

How does an intelligent, beautiful young woman come to this end?

Kassi Visage-Lowe was born Kassi Lee Schlangen in Spokane, Washington, January 9, 1959. She was happy and excited about life, a little girl with promise for the future. Kassi was talented; she loved to sing and draw and express herself. As she grew up, she found that school was easy for her. Social contacts were not.

Kassi would speak up when challenged and fight you when wronged. She became combative and defensive—she made her opinion known. For that she was beaten time and time again. Kassi fought back, alienating herself from family...at least in her mind.

Soon Kassi would trust no adult. She separated herself from friends and family and spent more time alone. She prayed to Jesus but there was no one else in her life.

Love Me is the story of a girl with high hopes never realized. Kassi’s confused adulthood was the end result of childhood sexual, physical and mental abuse — leading to bipolar disorder and a life of drug use, prostitution and self-destruction. Her story is also a lesson about the indifference of our society.

How many other Kassis will we turn our backs on?

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